China’s Response to Coronavirus
China’s Response to Coronavirus
Fortunately, many countries have managed to control the spread of Coronavirus. In China, the number of new cases has decreased and recoveries have increased. Here are some of the things that China has done to combat the spread of the virus:

Coronavirus Response 1: Closure

The danger in the Coronavirus is how easily it spreads. Moreover,  many people who did not exhibit symptoms were spreading the virus. Consequently, the Chinese government issued a lockdown for the city of Wuhan. Other cities in Hubei province were also locked down. This contained the virus and delayed its spread elsewhere. The lockdown included the closure of airports and public transport. Lastly,  the government closed all non-essential businesses.

Coronavirus Response 2: Quarantine

As well as locking down cities, they introduced quarantine for citizens. Unless it was absolutely essentially, people could not leave their homes.  As a result, Communities adopted  “closed-management” systems.  This meant the decrease of entrances and exists in residential areas. The result was a  stricter flow of people.  Citizens relied heavily on delivery services for food and everyday essentials.

Coronavirus Response 3: Construction

It became obvious that Coronavirus patients would overwhelm hospitals. Undoubtedly, these patients would also contribute to the spread in hospitals. So, the Chinese government approved the construction of a “mega-hospital”. Amazingly, the hospital built in just ten days and able to house 1,000 people.  This is an incredible feat in China’s coronavirus response.

Coronavirus Response 4: Cleansing

Generally, sanitation and disinfection are an effective way to deal with the virus. This is why proper handwashing is important which is why we made this fun guide.  Hence why you’ll  soon find your local supermarket out of handwash and hand sanitizer! China has been undertaking large-scale disinfection on streets and in public transport. Hospitals are disinfecting discharged patients. Banks are disinfecting money. As well as using sprays, China has been using drones too.

Coronavirus Response 5: Scan

China has been effective in controlling the spread of the virus. Now, restrictions are being slowly repealed. However, they need to ensure that another mass spread is not replicated. Therefore, the government has introduced measures to identify potential carriers of the virus.  For example, police wear smart helmets that detect a person’s temperature. This is useful for identifying people with a fever which is a symptom of Coronavirus.

We hope you found this information useful. If anything, it should give you confidence that we can beat the virus!  As always, stay safe and take note of your government’s advice. If you’re worried about the virus impacting your studies then our latest article will put you at ease. 
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