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Dr Frances Weightman
Director of East Asian Studies & Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies at Leeds University, UK

I wholeheartedly recommend The Chairman’s Bao to all students of Chinese, for self-learning or to supplement a formal course. The bite-sized bespoke articles, all graded according to HSK level, are current, interesting and well-written, and provide a wonderful incentive to keep students of all ages and levels motivated. The live dictionary, keyword list, grammar points, and comprehension questions are all invaluable aids both for self-learners and for busy teachers who simply don’t have the time to create their own materials on constantly evolving content. There is a remarkable range of online resources now available to help people learn Chinese, but very few are as user-friendly and well-designed as the TCB, and even fewer cover such interesting topics. I have found myself recommending the site on numerous occasions and will continue to do so.​

Dr Theresa Munford
St. Gregory’s School Bath

The Chairman’s Bao has made planning and resource finding so much easier! And my students engage with TCB articles for listening and reading in a way that never happens with dull text book exercises. For the older students, there’s a wealth of interesting content for them, plus clear grammar explanations. In fact with my pre-U class I’ve used TCB as our ‘virtual’ textbook for the last few months as it has so much related to key topics like the environment and the lives of young people… With younger pupils, I start every lesson with a quirky TCB report from Levels 1 and 2 and do quick, fun listening activities. No preparation needed. The frequent repetition of key words in each article plus the eye-catching photos work wonders for their vocab retention.​

Cyndy Ning
Associate director, Center for Chinese Studies; Hawai’i director, Confucius Institute; University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
The Chairman’s Bao, with its collection of nearly 4,000 current and timely articles based on Chinese media content, is an excellent source of input for all levels of language learners. Students can read the articles on their own, using the site’s ample resources to facilitate comprehension and learning. In the classroom, then, teacher and students can follow on by doing graded activities to deepen comprehension, gain greater familiarity with new vocabulary and sentence formats, practice interpersonal communication by expressing personal interpretations and opinions, spiral into writing and presentational practice, and venture into unmediated authentic materials. The site, then, is an excellent entryway into the real world of Chinese news.
Olle Linge
Mandarin Language Educator, Writer and Consultant at Hacking Chinese, Sweden

One of the most serious problems for learners of Chinese is to find suitable reading material. This means both that the text should be at an appropriate level, and that it should be interesting to read. With level-adjusted articles about recent events, The Chairman’s Bao kills two birds with one stone, offering comprehensible reading practice in an accessible and entertaining way. TCB is a valuable asset to both students and teachers of Mandarin! Be sure to visit Hacking Chinese!

James O'Hara
Entrepreneur, Toronto

Where can you find Chinese news written relative to your Mandarin skill level with interesting stories to boot? Oh, and have the means to actually hear a native speaker read the story as well, and oh oh oh…the ability to simply touch the word to automatically look up the characters in the dictionary and save the ones you don’t know for later review – all in one single little app on your phone? That’s right, before now – nowhere! The Chairmans Bao delivers all that with a smile 🙂 Seriously though, it’s a great app, it really enhances the ability to learn with an always available mobile solution, truly awesome. I’m overjoyed I found this!The best Chinese reader for learners! Love this app, its so easy to use and has so much content. It was my go to place online for reading and now its so much better to read on my tablet. The flashcards are great too, so easy to study on the go. Fantastic!

Cata Bulai
Catalin Bulai
IT Analyst and World Citizen, Buffalo, NY

This app gives me the perfect way of practicing reading and adding to my vocabulary without having to switch to another app to look for words in the dictionary. So convenient and all at my fingertips. I love the variety of articles for each language level. This is great for both those who need in-context HSK practice and those who just need to maintain and improve their modern Chinese. My favorite feature is that articles are categorized by level. Some days I read level 5 articles to give myself a challenge, but some days I read level 4 articles for reading fluency and to enjoy reading a whole article with ease and making myself feel better about my Chinese even if I know there’s still a great way to go. I like that there’s idioms, grammar points and keywords in each article too! Best of all, it’s all in one app!

Richard Murphy
Hotel General Manager, Bangkok, Thailand

The Chairman’s Bao is a super App for anyone wanting to improve their Chinese listening and reading skills. 12 years ago I intended to sit the HSK, but never got around to it (that’s a long story!). Now, between full time work and family commitments, I have finally registered and the test is just days away!
Fortunately, the TCB App is in my iPhone making for a quick and convenient way to get up to speed.
Thanks TCB!

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The Chairman's Bao is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 9222815